Finches No. 1Finches No. 2Birdbath

In this series, I work with native birds in suburban southern California, photographing them in places of engagement such as a birdbath, at food sources, and on perches. Then, I combine the original images digitally. I use a layering process to suggest the existence of alternate realities that overlap within the same space, and as an expression of time, in which seemingly invisible temporal passages are made visible.

Birds fascinate me. They are the echoes of dinosaurs, representing a confluence of eons of adaptation and evolution. Their symbolism for humankind over the millennia has been as messengers bearing information that would be of aide to us humans, whether in a spiritual realm or while on Earth. As inhabitants of the air, birds transcend gravity, representing freedom to those of us who are restricted to the earth yet dream of the skies. Birds live all around us in urban settings but we barely notice their presence, although they are often the only wildlife we see.