tattooed tobacco

Tattooed Tobacco No.1Tattooed Tobacco No.2Tattooed Tobacco No.3Tattooed Tobacco No.4Tattooed Tobacco No.5Tattooed Tobacco No.6Tattooed Tobacco No.7Tattooed Tobacco No.8Tattooed Tobacco No.9Tattooed Tobacco No.10Tattooed Tobacco No.11Tattooed Tobacco No.12Tattooed Tobacco No.13Tattooed Tobacco No.14Tattooed Tobacco No.15

These photographs use tobacco leaves as a surface for imagery to suggest that the plant, which has a complex relationship with humans, has inherited its own history, which has grown out on its leaves. The images were applied directly to the leaves using a temporary tattoo process. They reference tobacco’s history in the Americas and its subsequent use in Europe, after colonization, alongside images that point to its use in addictive, spiritual and medical practices. The scale suggests manuscripts, maps, stained glass, skin and lungs.